19th Białystok Zamenhof Days

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the 19th Białystok Zamenhof Days, when we commemorate the creator of the Esperanto language – Ludwik Zamenhof.

December 14th-16th
free entry

As usual, we will present exhibitions, talk about literature, listen to music, and host Esperantists from Poland and abroad to give lectures. Białystok children will prove that learning Esperanto gives joy.

  • Friday, December 14th, BCC/LZC, 19 Warszawska Street
    • 17.00 – “Images of Jewish Bucharest” and “Esperanto Publications in Białystok – from the Time of Jakub Szapiro to Today” exhibitions openings
    • 17.30 – “Esperanto Is Worth Studying, Because…” competition results announcing, “Bjalistokaj Kajeroj nr 8” publication promotion
    • 17.45 – Q&A with writers Ionel Oneț and Tomasz Chmielik – host Przemysław Wierzbowski

      • “Romanian Literature in the Esperanto Language” – Ionel Oneț’s lecture
      • Romanian writer Maks Blecher’s first Esperanto translation “Verkaro (preskaŭ) kompleta”‘s promotion, transl. Ionel Oneț, guest: Ionel Onet and Tomasz Chmielik
      • Karolina Halicka and Wiktor Lagutin: “Sola sopir’ de l’ sin'” (Mihai Eminescu’s poem, trans. Kálmán Kalocsay, music. Guilelm Șorban)
    • 20.30 – Amika rondo – meeting at the Esperantists club, 3 Piękna Street
  • Saturday, December 15th, BCC/LZC, 19 Warszawska Street

    • 11.00 – Lectures
      • Nina Pietuchowska: “19th Century Białystok”
      • Konrad Anrzejuk: “Modern Tower of Babel – (Multi)lingual Problem Today”
      • Roman Dobrzyński: “«Pan Tadeusz» and Antoni Grabowski’s Esperanto Translation”
    • 13.30 – Presentation by children learning Esperanto from the Winnie the Pooh Kindergarten No. 52 in Bialystok
    • 14.30 – Laying of flowers at the monument to Ludwik Zamenhof on the 159th anniversary of birth, square between Malmeda and Białówny Streets
    • 15.00 – Holy Mass for peace in the world in Esperanto in the Assumption BVM old church
    • 17.00 – Uku-Donaco Bjalistoko children’s band’s concert
    • 17.40 – Feliks Hiller’s “Ho, tiuj fremduloj” operetta’s promotion: Lech Mazurek’s Frey-Lech Trio’s concert
    • 18.00 – Jerzy and Dominika Handzlik’s concert
    • 19.00 – Birthday cake
    • 20.30 – Amika rondo – meeting at the Esperantists club, 3 Piękna Street
  • Sunday, December 16th
    • A trip to Grodno

19th Białystok Zamenhof Days and “Esperanto Is Worth Studying, Because…” competition are organised under the honorary patronage of the Białystok City Mayor.
Białystok Association of Esperantists, Białystok Cultural Centre
Coorganizer: Łukasz Górnicki Podlachian Library/Esperanto Libraro

BOK Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury