1918. Regaining Independence

In cooperation with the KARTA Centre we have the pleasure of inviting you to the exhibition 1918. Regaining Independence.

Białystok Cultural Centre / Ludwik Zamenhof Centre, 19 Warszawska Street
exhibition opening: September 7th, 6 PM
exhibition open until September 23rd
free entry

The year 2018 is Poland’s jubilee of regaining independence. On this occasion, the KARTA Centre prepared the Infinite Independence anniversary program. Within its framework, we have developed an exhibition that presents the nodal moments of the processes taking place on Polish land in the last year of the World War I along with their key complement – the rebirth of the Polish state after 123 years of captivity.

We will also present the website Infinitely Independent – People, which contains the largest census of the Second Polish Republic – 5.5 million signatures of citizens of Poland in 1926.

Cofinansed with the funds of Independent program for 2017-2021.


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