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Bolivia Mariusz Lewicki will tell among others about his jeep expedition in these inaccessible areas and a hotel built of salt, driving off cycling's most dangerous road in the world, catching the anaconda and the reach to peak of Andy !!!

South America – close to the highway

South America – close to the highway Oure guest will be Damian Lemański. Damian Wolf Wagabunda (Damian Lemański) comes from Korsz in Mazury, born in 1985. He was looking his place in a. o. the Franciscan Order, in the army. He left to Warsaw to learn a photography art eight years ago. The beginning was nat so...

1410. Znany nieznany Grunwald

1410. Znany nieznany Grunwald Guests: Stasys Baltakis – film producer Valdas Rakutis – historian prof. Adam Czesław Dobroński foreword and participate in panel discussion just after the film A documentary film about the battle of Grunwald, one of the biggest events of the Great War 1409 - 1411 between the Teutonic Order and the combined forces of...
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