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Pablopavo Pablopavo will be promoting his album „Tylko” and „Polor” in Fama Club. The album “Tylko”, which was realized at the end of October 2014, is completely solo CD. This is the first material, without participation of Ludziki, which whom the singer already has recorded three CDs. In co-operation with...

Lao Che

Lao Che “And even I’ve grow up, sometimes I’m getting small, though children haven’t realized yet…” The new Lao Che’s album “For Children”is due to come out on 4th of March. Although the title refers to Brzechwa and his poem “Brzechwa for children”, the album is addressed rather to adults, parents and all...


Białka “We live in Podlasie Region, we are from here, and Białka is associated with the city’s name. You can also look at it from the other side - Białka is the basis of life. (…) I seemed it would be a funny pun that is sounds good”
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