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Domino effect

Domino effect Domino effect documentary, Germany, Poland, 76′ dir: Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski The guest of the presentation will be Wojciech Górecki – journalist, reporter, expert of Centre for Eastern Studies. In Abkhazia, a war-torn country close to Crimea-Ukraine, patriotism runs rather deep. Perched on the shores of the Black Sea, the unrecognized splinter...

Antarctica: A Year On Ice

Antarctica: A Year On Ice This document has been filming for 15 years, including winters. As a result viewers can rediscover this fascinating continent! Visually stunning record of Antarctica, the most frosty place on Earth year. Director: Anthony Powell Running time: 92 min. Scenario: Anthony Powell, Simon Price Production: New Zealand, 2013 Producers: Anthony Powell, Antzworks Limited (New Zealand) Editing: Simon...
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