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Brutal East vol. VI

Brutal East vol. VI Anyone who once tried it, can not stop! Participation in each of the edition of Brutal East Festival – the best metal rally to the east of the Wisła River - is like a ritual! This time, participants can expect a truly ‘bloody’ and ‘brutal ritual’, because on the festival...


Białka “We live in Podlasie Region, we are from here, and Białka is associated with the city’s name. You can also look at it from the other side - Białka is the basis of life. (…) I seemed it would be a funny pun that is sounds good”


(A)LIVE MUSIC2 During the second edition of the event (A) Live Music 2 we will see Kasia Sochacka with the band Kasia Sochacka is a young artist from Pradła, she has been linked with a Cracov music society for several years now. She is known to the public with TV show ‘Mam Talent’,...
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