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Śląska Grupa Bluesowa & Adam Kulisz

Śląska Grupa Bluesowa & Adam Kulisz Leszek Winder (guitar) Michał „Gier” Giercuszkiewicz (drums) Mirosław Rzepa (guitars) Adam Kulisz (vocal, guitar) There are the leading figure in blues and rock music. They represent a unique sound and way of playing the 70s. The team has been recognized as the main representative of the Śląsk blues. The album “Kolory Bluesa” was...

Natalia Przybysz „Prąd”

Natalia Przybysz „Prąd” Enjoy the concert of Natalia Przybysz, promoted her newest album “Prąd”. Natalia Przybysz, known as a singer of best polish soul i R&B band the ‘Sistars’ (twice winner of the MTV Music Awards, actually suspended, but the band was reactivated once in 2012, its supported Jamiroquai & Prince). She started her...
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