Main events

Every year Bialystok Cultural Centre as the municipal institution organizes or co-organizes about 300 events in which participates an average of over 80,000 people. The Centre offer is addressed to diverse audience, ranging from children through young people and adults, to seniors. The BCC has a wide choice of events which satisfy a variety of tastes, and what is important, taking part in some of them is free. Among proposed by the BCC events the following festivals achieved a great success: Modern Art Days, Autumn with the Blues, the International Short Film Festival ŻubrOFFka, Another Dimension (since 2013 part of the project East of Culture), Globetrotter’s World, ¿Underground/Independent?, as well as the permanent events, as Days of Bialystok, Fashionable East, Film Podlasie attacks ! (now Film Podlasie Reloaded!, and Film Podlasie Educates!), Classics Cinema shows with live music, the Academy Planete + Doc , Blues All Souls’ Day, Bialystok New Year’s Eve, Trident Cabaret, a series of Music and the Word, Summer and Winter Actions, Cathedral Organ Concerts, Nationwide Overview of Contemporary Photography “A man next to me,” Folk Meetings, Jazz at the BCC, Seniorada, exhibitions in a Small BCC Gallery, concerts of numerous Polish and international music stars.

Polish Amazonian Expedition

Polish Amazonian Expedition Polish Amazonian expedition - new archaeological discoveries in the Bolivia rainforests - it will be a great adventure! The program includes tasting yerba mate, coca tea, and a few words from a native Argentinean Marcelo Bandura, who more than the southern tropics and monkeys in the trees loved Knyszyń Forest...


Bolivia Mariusz Lewicki will tell among others about his jeep expedition in these inaccessible areas and a hotel built of salt, driving off cycling's most dangerous road in the world, catching the anaconda and the reach to peak of Andy !!!


India Tomasz Omeljaniuk spend five weeks in India jungle. „Invite you to watch Indie from the other side. First we will go to Calcutta and its poor rural areas. I will show you the local poverty and suffering, but also tell stories of people who are full of hope and...
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