Curious about the world

These are meetings not only with travelers, but also with representatives of the various nations of the world. So far we hosted representatives of Japan, Turkey, Spain, Taiwan and Morocco. These meetings have resulted in further proposals for cooperation with diplomatic missions in Poland. “Curious about the world” series is primarily a presentation of Bialystok inhabitants who visited various parts of the world. They talk about the lives of ordinary people, depict the beauty of regions registered on slides or films. During the meetings, in addition to the aesthetic experience, viewers have the opportunity to try the specific smells and tastes of particular countries. Sometimes the meetings are accompanied by treats – explorers offer food from the regions they are talking about.


India Tomasz Omeljaniuk spend five weeks in India jungle. „Invite you to watch Indie from the other side. First we will go to Calcutta and its poor rural areas. I will show you the local poverty and suffering, but also tell stories of people who are full of hope and...
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