Outdoor Cinema: The Cult of the Body + live music by Czerwie

July 15th, 2018, 9:30 PM
BCC’ yard, 5 Legionowa Street
free entry

Czesław, a sculptor, falls mutually in love with a model posing for him. Soon, a wealthy friend introduces her to him as his fiancée. The couple leave town, but even away, the girl cannot shake off the thought of her beloved, who meantime seeks solace in drink.

Waszyński (born Mosze Waks) had an unparalleled talent for creating works that captivated audiences. Appealing to popular tastes, his films were at once artistic creations, full of psychological nuance.

The Cult of the Body, which was awarded the gold medal at the Nice Film Festival, was made three years after the premiere of the world’s first sound movie. Shot on location in Vienna as a Polish-Austrian coproduction, it was provided with a Polish sound version, but due to the high price of sound equipment, was usually shown as a silent film.

Independent Polish group performing alternative sounds from the borderline of folk, ethno, absurd, theatre and film. They created their own, unique style, characterized by the unconventional use of musical instruments and being a fusion of many musical genres. The group currently consists of four musicians (Wojtek Zaborowski, Maciek Kudłacik, Paweł Zawarus, Piotrek Bogunia), who play the following instruments: drums, xylophone, percussion instruments, ethnic instruments, bass, guitar, mandolin, accordion, synthesizers.

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