Outdoor Cinema: Bloody Game

August 4th, 2018, 9 PM
BCC’ yard, 5 Legionowa Street
free entry

Bloody Game is a black comedy in the style of the cult Ed Wood S-F horrors. Blood-thirsty aliens sent by a totalitarian space corporation from the planet Nextron land in the eastern Poland in their search of human blood, semen and organs. Their ancient race is getting degenerated and old and that’s why it needs human DNA and sperm to improve their genetical material. The sadistic and sexually deranged spacemen are chased by Adolf Hitler and his commando of SS Butchers – scientists from SS Thule who intend to get their spaceship and its anti-gravitational propulsion and use it against the Soviets as the Wonderful Weapon of Fuhrer. The spacemen [who got hold of Adolf Hitler’s testicles] will soon have to confront the whole Soviet Army approaching Białystok city as well as their greatest enemy – Space Hunter who protects the humanity from an invasion of evil aliens. This film was inspired by Monty Python and Mel Brooks films and has never been released on DVD.

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