During the Festival of Independent Culture ¿UNDERGROUND / INDEPENDENT? Forum Cinema and Fama club are dominated by original and rebellious artists, intriguing works of film and energetic musical formations. Because of the festival, the entire region pours a wave, waking people from a commercial dream, applied to them by media. Artists presented during the event, ignoring modern fashion, popularity and fame gained in various projects, follow their dreams and they prove that it works! During the festival, we invite you to explore an exceptional living and art space, which becomes a place where modern electronics, comics, jazz, street art, document, hip-hop and extreme sports exist side by side.


¿UNDERGROUND/INDEPENDENT? 2016 Bialystok Cultural Centre invites to 16th edition of ¿UNDERGROUND/INDEPENDENT?. As a part of our event we always present original, energetic authors, interesting works of art and film and original music groups as well. FILMS: SEARCHING FOR HELL dir. Pawel Nazaruk, Tomasz Adamski, Darek Barecki, James Kenney, Gloria Kurnik, Yuki Nakamura. Searching for...
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