Blues Fama

Blues Fama is a series of club blues concerts taking place throughout the year, associated with important dates in the blues world, such as celebrations of Polish Day of Blues, anniversaries of bands, musicians and concerts commemorating the musicians. So far the blues in Bialystok was associated with the fall, because that is when two main events are held: Autumn with the Blues and Blues All Souls’ Day.

Śląska Grupa Bluesowa & Adam Kulisz

Śląska Grupa Bluesowa & Adam Kulisz Leszek Winder (guitar) Michał „Gier” Giercuszkiewicz (drums) Mirosław Rzepa (guitars) Adam Kulisz (vocal, guitar) There are the leading figure in blues and rock music. They represent a unique sound and way of playing the 70s. The team has been recognized as the main representative of the Śląsk blues. The album “Kolory Bluesa” was...
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